Sunday, February 05, 2006

Smething Smells Fishy.....

UPDATED at bottom (latest update on February 9, 2006).

I think that something smells fishy in the state of the world over Denmark’s publication of the Prophet Muhammed cartoons. The whole issue is nutz!

First, the pictures were apparently published in October last year. But the outrage didn’t start until last week. It sounds like several mullahs from Denmark, took those pictures, added a few of their own which were even more insulting, and then spread them through the Middle East. Because of this, the current unrest. It appears that this was done purposely to foment the rioting – the burning of embassies – the burning of Danish flags. And isn’t that suspicious? I hadn’t thought of this, but there are other people out there who did. The big question is where did all of those flags come from? Did the countries in the Middle East just happen to have hundreds of Danish flags on hand to be conveniently burned in front of cameras? How did the reporters know to be there for the burning of the flags? Something smells very rotten. Read more of this at PowerLine in the post from Scott Johnson.

But there’s more. The issue about whether our MSM should have broadcast the pictures is a big one. All of the major media outlets decided not to so that they would not offend the Muslim community. And contrary to some threads I have seen in the blogosphere, I do not think there is a “conspiracy” amongst the MSM over this. The real question that remains though is why MSM do not worry about “offending the sensibilities” of other religions? Look at Kanye West as Jesus. Look at the upcoming Will & Grace episode called “Cruci-Fixin’s” (UPDATE: NBC announced last night that they are canceling this episode due to objection by Christian groups).

I postulate that the real reason that MSM acts this way is simple. There are not any Christian “terrorist” groups that will strap explosives on their bodies and walk into the MSM headquarters. There are not any Christian leaders that would (Pat Robertson excepted maybe…if you call him a leader) issue a “fatwah” to kill the producers of the articles/news segments – to gun them down in cold blood. Yet, we have seen such actions from Islamic extremists (Note: I do not believe that the extremists represent the views of anywhere near the majority of Muslims).

You can read more at Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE (February 6, 2006):

Check out the article in the Guardian Unlimited entitled Rioting with well-planned spontaneity. It just proves this whole thing is a fraud designed to cause unrest. And worse, in the rest of the world’s eyes it portrays the rioters as simpletons – people packed like sardines on buses to cause mayhem on command – and then to stop on command. But hey…wouldn’t want to miss the bus home even for such an important cause.

UPDATE (February 9, 2006):

Here is another great site to check out. It has a fairly funny animation of “deception” by the radical Muslim clerics from Denmark.