Friday, January 27, 2006

Direct Flights From Iran - Yea Right!

Iran has asked to have direct flights to the United States. According to Reuters (and a hat tip to Generation Why):

The request comes as the United States and its European Union allies are pressing for the Islamic Republic to be reported to the United Nations Security Council where it could face possible sanctions for its nuclear program.

"We sent a letter to the relevant American officials on Wednesday, announcing Iran's willingness to resume direct flights," Nourollah Rezai-Niaraki, head of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization, told state television.

The reason given is that Iranian people living in the United States have been complaining to the government in Iran that:

"They have repeatedly complained about wasting time and losing their baggage on connecting flights", the official said.

Let’s analyze this for a moment. A country with direct ties to terrorists, who is actively trying to (or so it appears at the moment) develop a nuclear weapons capability, and has vowed to wipe Israel off the map now wants direct flights to the United States. Direct flights between Iran and the country referred to as “The Great Satan”. Couple that with the new islamofacist fascination of killing lots of people using airplanes.

Now why would anybody be suspicious about this? Apparently, “the decision to make the request was taken by hardline Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I’ll put my two cents in:

  1. Close down your nuclear facilities Iran.

  2. Allow completely unencumbered inspection of any site we choose to look at – any time we want to look at it.

  3. Get rid of Ahmadinejad.

  4. Give us “free” oil for life.

  5. In twenty years we will take the issue up and consider it again.